24K Glutha & Kojic White Lotion Serum Tvål

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Ordinarie pris
1 485 SEK

Product description

1. Body Lotion 500ml
Glutathione whitening lotion is a specially formulated with natural solvents, including the highly effective active ingredient arbutin to evenly and saturate your skin lightening, combining argan oil, Egyptian oil and carrot extract. It helps to smooth out wrinkles while the UV flash maintains and protects the lighter skin. form sun damage.

2. Serum 120ml
Gluta & Kojic white Original Formula Super Eclaircissant whitens your skin, frees it from impurities redness spots treats black marks on the skin.

3. Day & Night Cream 25g+25g
The addition of rare and active substance can effectively improve the vitality of cells and promote the formation of collagen. Meanwhile. its various moisturizing and replenishing components can penetrate the skin and make the skin elastic and restore vitality. Its plant collagen composition can reach the skin surface. It can tighten the skin from the inside, help repair loose skin, improve skin dryness, smooth fine lines, maintain skin elasticity, maintain smooth and sensitive skin and delay skin aging.

4. Soap 250g
With glutathione, a scrub soap with beta-carotene and vitamin A is specially designed to prevent hyperpigmentation problems in the skin. It prevents blemishes and removes excess oil on the skin, leaving your skin smooth, fresh and glowing.

5. Crocodile Repair Serum 30ml
Repair skin, brighter

6. Tube Cream 15g
Special skin problems