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Q: How do you apply these? Would i need to get anything else to hold better?

A: The tape on tape in hair extensions is sticky enough for you apply. But if you would like hold better, we have plier for free gift,  only order 40 pieces you will get it!


Q: Is it thinner at the end ?

A: It is not thick from root to tip, JUST like the picture shows. More realistic for my type of fine hair


Q: hi, im a hair stylist. my question is: do u sell the color ring to be able to match my clients hair color before ordering?

A: Yes, dear. If you want our color ring, please contact us on Aliexpress or via whatsapp: +86 16603740782


Q: What kind of shampoo and conditioner work best? And do they fall out after one wash?

A: Sulfa-free, Alcohol-free shampoo and a conditioner that has a good moisturizer in it. They do not fall out after one wash. They are stuck on your hair pretty good. Be gentle but you don't have to be extremely cautious.Just treat it like your own hair! I just had mine moved up and they are still holding up just the same as the first time I got them.


Q: Will these get damaged or messed up if I go swimming? Mainly asking because of the chlorine in the water.

A: Honestly with any extensions you should avoid chlorine because it drys them out very bad, including your own hair, you can get some hair oil and a deep conditioner treatment and use it after you swim and that should help alot!


Q: Are they waterproof?

A: They are. You just cant wash 48hrs after installed.


Q: Does it cause damage to your real hair from the weight of the extra hair in the long term?

A: They are not damaging. Especially compared to clip ins (which are heavy and can be damaging), tape ins are light weight and if you buy from the right company, install them correctly and preform proper upkeep, they are not damaging 🙂


Q: How often do you wash your hair with the extensions in?

A:  I usually go every 2-3 days between washes. The longer you go between washes helps the extensions last longer.


Q: Does they feel heavy on your head ? I have thin and a little bit of hair and when I've had clip on extensions it would hurt my head because it felt so heavy. Would it be the same with tape extensions ? 

A: I don't think they do. Comparing them to clip in extensions, I think tape ins are way more comfortable, and don't feel as the beginning it's a little uncomfortable to lay on them, but after 1-3 days you don't feel them.





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