BORN PRETTY Nail Clipper Cutter Stainless Steel Rainbow Tweezer Clipper Dead Skin Remover Edge Cutter Scissor Plier

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Nail Tools Specification:
Brand: BORN PRETTY           
Type: Nail Art Tool
Quantity:1 Pc
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Rainbow
Pattern: 19 Patterns for choose
Size: #1 Approx 10cm
      #2 Approx 8.5cm
      #3 Approx 11cm
      #4 Approx 11.5cm
      #5 Approx 14.5cm
      #6 Approx 13cm
      #7 Approx 13.5cm
      #8 Approx 13cm
      #9 Approx 12cm
      #10 Approx 12cm
      #11/12 Approx 12.4cm
      #13 Approx 12.5cm
      #14 Approx 13cm
      #15 Approx 11cm
      #16 Approx 13.5cm
      #17 Approx 11.4cm
      #18 Approx 9.7cm
      #19 Approx 7cm

Package Content:
1 Pc BORN PRETTY Nail Art Tool

Why Choose Our Nail Art Tool?
Dual-end pusher for pushing nail cuticle and cleaning nail edge.
Push Back Cuticle and Dead Skin and Hangnail.
This is professional Clipper for cut odd toenails,nails,false nail tips,remove 3d nail decoration.
Dual-end pusher for pushing and cutting nail cuticle.
Dead Skin Fork dual-end function for cutting nail cuticle and cleaning nail edge.
Nail Gel Remover for quick removal of nail polish gel.
Dual-end pusher for pushing and cutting nail cuticle.
Tweezers for remove unwanted facial/eyebrow hair etc.

Nail Stamper Specification:
Brand: BORN PRETTY           
Type: Nail Stamper
Quantity:1 Pc Nail Stamper
Size:Approx. 5.5cm(Stamper Length)
Color: As the pictures show

Package Content:
1 Pc BORN PRETTY Nail Stamper

Why Choose Our Nail Stamper?
It has a rainbow handle.
The stamper top is hollow and visible, can transfer accurately.
The stamper head is .
The stamper head is slightly sticky and easy to transfer.

How To Use Our Nail Stamper?
Step 1. The Stamper is used for nail art,first you should have a nail art stamping plate.

Step 2. Rip off the film on the stamping plate.
Step 3. Put a drop of stamping polish on the pattern you want,then use the scraper spread the nail polish evenly.
Step 4. Press the stamp on the pattern,and then print it on your nails.





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Light Grey, Light Green, Light Yellow, Dark Khaki, Dark Gray, Plum, Army Green, Deep Blue, MULTI, Burgundy, Ivory, Chocolate, Clear, violet, Gold, Orange, Silver, Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Beige, Pink, Sky Blue


1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Feature 2

Nail Cuticle Nipper



Model Number


Item Type

Cuticle Scissor


As the picture shows


Stainless Steel

Feature 1

Nail Clipper Cutter

Brand Name

Born Pretty

Feature 4

Stainless Steel Tweezer

Feature 3

Dead Skin Remover

Feature 5

Nail Art Tweezer

Feature 6

Nail Art Nipper

Feature 7

Nail Clipper Cutter Trimming

Feature 8

Plier Manicuring Tool

Feature 9

Nail Art Tool


Dead Skin Remover Manicuring

Feature 10

Nail Art Pusher


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