48W/24W UV Nail Lamp Sun One Nail Gel Dryer Manicure Light UV Curing Light Manicure LED Nail Art Lamp

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1. We may pack the lamp without box

2. The 48W sunone powered by adapter ( EU/US plug are available), 24W 9c lamp powered by USB cable

3. It takes about 45 days for shipping to most of the European Union countries by ”seller’s shipping method”. If you want a faster delivery, please select ”Aliexpress Standard Shipping (if it’s available)” when placing the order.

Product Informations:

48W/24W Sunone
Material: ABS+Placstic
Size: 20cm(L) * 16cm(W) *9cm(H)

Key Features:

Switchable 48W/24W working power

Shiftable 5s / 30s / 60s / 99 seconds low heat cure modes

Built-in Infrared sensor , hand-in lamp ON; hand-out lamp OFF

30pcs 5,0000 hours lifetimes LED beads
365+405nm UV light, not tanning hands, not hurt eyes

For all kinds of UV gel cure (UV gel polish, builder gel, cat eyes gels etc)

Removable bottom reflector (metal bottom)

24W Sun 9c

15pcs long life LED bulbs which produce 365+405nm light, no black hands, not hurt eyes
Built-in infrared sensor, hand-in lamp ON, hand out, lamp OFF

For all kinds of UV Gel drying (UV gel polish, builder gel, cat eyes gels etc)

Shiftable 30s / 60s seconds cure modes (press the power button twice for 30s and three for 60 seconds working mode)

USB cableconnected to PC/Laptop/Powerbank for electric power

Convenient for toe nails curing



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