Kojic & Papaya Soap 150gr

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With Koji White papaya soap, you can say goodbye to imperfections for good! So you can get the perfect of your dreams and a truly radiant complexion!
PAPAYA & KOJIC FORMULA: The Koji White soap uses a unique combination of papaya enzymes and kojic acid that is very powerful and effective so that you can naturally and safely your skin. The soap also has a refreshing tropical scent so you can have a pleasant spa experience every time you use it.
PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The papaya enzyme gently removes your dead skin cells so you can improve your skin's texture. The soap is suitable for people with oily, sensitive, dry or combination skin, and it will effectively eliminate your acne and oil so you can have smooth and matte skin!
DEEPLY NOURISHING: You don't have to worry about the soap damaging your skin or leaving it dry. The Koji White soap contains hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ingredients that deeply nourish your skin so you can have improved elasticity, soft and hydrated skin and look younger and more beautiful than ever!
IDEAL FOR DAILY USE: The Kojic acid & papaya soap is suitable for your face and body so you can look amazing everywhere. For best results use it twice every day and see how your skin changes day by day. The package contains 2 soaps so it lasts a long time even with daily use!