African black soap natural bath Body treatment Acne Skin care 110gr

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100% new quality
100% natural
African black soap
Net weight: 110g
Our African black soap is made using traditional methods and natural ingredients. Our African black soap contains shea butter, palm oil and coconut oil and roasted cocoa pods, which are rich natural sources of iron and vitamins a and e.
Help clear spots and blemishes on the skin;
Help relieve acne, oily skin and other skin problems.
That of unprocessed African black soap also includes removal of makeup, premature lines on the face, wrinkles, etc. Unprocessed African black soap can also be used as a shampoo.

To use soap, put some soap in the palm of your hand and gently rub it on the skin with a small amount of water.
African soap is truly the best, as all essential oils are the best,
African black soap is the most natural and organic soap, as it is made from organic potassium salt made from cocoa powder. It is very gentle and can be used to clean babies, children and adults. Just like any regular soap, it produces a rich lather.