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5 things we just learned from the iPhone 8 teardown
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5 things we just learned from the iPhone 8 teardown

This is the best iPhone 8 deal on the market, thanks to our £50 off voucher

It's taken all of a week into November before retailers have started to lay their Black Friday cards on the mobile phone deals table. First came's epic iPhone 7 price drops , and now comes a cracking £50 discount on the iPhone 8 from e2save.

You can knock £50 off e2save's generous 12GB data iPhone 8 deal on O2 thanks to the exclusive discount code we've wangled. Enter the TR50IPH8 voucher code at the checkout and take the upfront cost from £225 down to £175. After that, it's a mere £32 a month for an Apple smartphone that's only been on the shelves for less than two months.

At £943 over the two years, it's the cheapest way you can get the iPhone 8 on contract without spending mega bucks upfront. That includes deals that give you much less data upfront - like this previous best Vodafone deal that only allows 1GB a month.

Below we have more details about the deal, as well as our expert thoughts on the iPhone 8. And if this deal doesn't float your particular boat, then dive in to our full rundown of the best iPhone 8 deals.